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Winter tires and car insurance rates

It shouldn't be a surprise to those who are actually following the tips provided by insurance experts that these tips are actually helpful, especially when it comes to cutting insurance costs. And one of the most appropriate tips for the current time of the year is of course switching to winter tires. Even those who are happy to live in snow free regions of the country have felt the importance of using winter tires last winter, when odd snow storms and cold weather turned a lot of southern cities into giant ice rinks. You can imagine how many car insurance claims where filed back then and how insurers got strict on winter tires during the winter season. It's evident that the use of winter tires significantly reduces the risk of accidents on the road in unfavorable weather conditions, and it also leads to the overall decrease in the number of car insurance claims filed during the season.

Winter tires are certainly a must for those living in remote or mountain areas that see heavy snow during the winter and where the road services aren't as hasty as in urban areas. And it's recommended to purchase a set of winter tires well before the season in order to avoid any mishaps if you get caught by bad weather without a warning. For those who just cannot afford an additional set of special tires, all-season tires might be a good solution, still it depends on where you live and how bad the weather may be in your area. Because sometimes all-season tires just can't cope with the road condition as effectively as winter tires can. So make sure to purchase the type of tires that is adequate to the local weather conditions, even if it may be a bit costly. Or avoid driving in snowy weather altogether.

What this has to do with car insurance, you might ask? It's obvious that you may be denied coverage or charged with an additional fee if the company finds out that you've been driving on summer tires during a snowstorm. By doing so you raise the risk of ending up in an accident and the insurance company can actually raise your premiums for that. And in the end you'll end up paying more for car insurance than it would cost you to buy a set of new winter tires. So, make sure you're ready for the winter season and your car has a set of shoes to drive the snowy roads if you don't want to have expensive car insurance later.

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