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The basics of rental car insurance

The range of situations when a rental vehicle may be required is quite broad. With so many cars available for rent from different company, there's just one question that links them all and makes the whole process a bit timid – car insurance for rental vehicles. Buying rental car insurance or not, there's a lot of hassle connected to the issue, and knowing what to expect before going to the rental office is a good way to avoid potential problems. And the biggest problem with rental car insurance of course are the rates. If a typical car will have a reasonable rental rate at just any rental company, adding car insurance may push the rate twice as high to the point when you start thinking if you need rental car insurance in the first place.

Each rental company will offer different insurance rates on their vehicle, and it often depends on the type of vehicle you're going to drive. Like with ordinary car insurance, powerful, fast and expensive vehicles will have higher insurance rates than small cars and ordinary sedans. So you should start with selecting the right vehicle for rent before even thinking whether to get additional insurance or not.

Another very important thing to do before going to the rental company is checking with your car insurance or credit card company. Quite often these institutions will also provide coverage for rental vehicles to a certain extent. So it's very important to contact your car insurance company or credit card institution for the details. Maybe it will turn out that you won't need rental car insurance at all as your car insurance policy will cover any possible claims. However, make sure to ask about the situations when you are covered and the actual amount of coverage – you don't want to remain uninsured in a situation where you actually need coverage.

You should also analyze your needs before deciding on rental car insurance. If you're going to drive a lot and spend time in areas with heavy traffic, rental car insurance will certainly pay off and give you some peace of mind. But if you're going to drive only for a couple of days in locations that have lower risk of accidents then you probably don't need rental car insurance. But keep in mind that you will be charged with an additional fine besides the ordinary coverage if you have an accident with a rental vehicle without having it insured.

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